5 Ways to Increase the Longevity of Your Car

How to Maintain Your Car in Klamath Falls, OR

Simple Do-It-Yourself Tips Purchasing a car is a big investment. Some people keep cars for 10+ years, while others trade them in only after a few years of driving. Either way, taking pride in your vehicle and keeping it properly maintained is crucial for increasing the longevity of your car. Here are five key tips […]

Firework Safety

Firework Safety in Klamath Falls, OR

Many of us celebrate Independence Day by getting together with family and friends or barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers. Others like to celebrate with fireworks. While fireworks can be exciting and provide great entertainment, they also come with the risk of injuries. Six Simple Safety Tips If a firework didn’t ignite fully, don’t try to re-light […]

What Every Motorcycle Rider Should Know

Motorcycle Safety in Klamath Falls, OR

Tips for Beginners & Experienced Riders The key to staying safe riding your motorcycle is to be prepared and understand how to avoid risks. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk being on the road compared to a vehicle. Keep these things in mind to dramatically lower your risk for injury. Refine Your Skills If you’re […]